Founded in 2019, MUUNN quickly escalating in 4 years . Our product catalog expanded significantly to accommodate the entirety of the fly fishing spectrum, especially in the tungsten products:flytying beads,hooks,tungsten weights,ice jigs,rods - anything an up-and-coming angler could ever hope for.        

MUUNN Tungsten "Lead-free Concept" For angler health and environmental protection, lead -free is a trend.        MUUNN provides the best tungsten and most complete size/color.

Currently situated in Qingdao’s Licang district.         We now design, develop and manufacture industry-leading flytying beads , weights, rods,establishing ourselves as one of the leading fly fishing tungsten brands from China thanks to our factory-fresh prices, stringent quality control, and unparalleled customer support.


1.Our customers are our number one priority .

2.We support a sustainable approach to fly fishing.

3.Delivering excellence in everything we do, from the factory floor to your front door, and beyond into the rivers that are the lifeblood of ours.

4.Designed by costumer, products that we are proud to use and call our own.

5.Encourage others to embrace the fly-fishing lifestyle we love so much by offering an experience that everyone enjoy.

It is our responsibility to maintain healthy ecological environment, so MUUNN Tungsten "Lead-free Concept" For angler health and environmental protection.


Email:qdelitesports@163.com Tel:+86-18562829861

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